Welcome to Midwest Dressed!
My name is Bev and Midwest Dressed is a place where I share tidbits from my life.

By day, I am a Director at a healthcare system in the Twin Cities. My husband, Keith, is an elementary teacher with a focus on urban education. We live in a quiet neighborhood in Minnesota's capital city with our two kids, miniature poodle, and adopted cat. I first started blogging because I loved the creativity it allowed me to have. I got to build a website, learn and experiment with photography, start writing, and I got to share all of my travel and dining adventures. Since having kids, life has changed. A LOT. Shortly after Conor, our oldest child, turned 2, he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. We had known that things were different for some time, but getting an official diagnosis was hard. So hard. If you are curious about our world as it relates to fragile X, visit me over at I'll keep things light here.

Did I forget to mention that I love Instagram?

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