Dec 10, 2017

Placemat Photos for Toddlers

When Conor was born, his Aunt Niki brought the cutest fabric photo album (similar) to the hospital. It was filled with pictures of our family and quickly became Conor's favorite book. One picture in particular really piqued his interest. It is a family picture from mine and Keith's wedding day with all of Conor's grandparents, his aunt, and his uncles. He loves when we tell him stories about all of the people in the photo.

I recently received an email from Shutterfly with a code for a free placemat and I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Turning this family photo into a placemat was the perfect gift for my [almost] 2 year old. It is practically indestructible (and fully wipe-able). He carries it all over the house and squeals when we ask him to point to different people.
I wish I had a great promo code to share with you, but I don't. My best advice is to sign up for Shutterfly's mailing list (or check their promo page here). They are always updating their promotional deals and codes. I can't wait to order a few more placemats with current pictures of our family and our family pets.

Do you know a toddler who would love a placemat like this?

XO, Bev

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