Apr 4, 2016

Chatbooks Baby Book

I know that I have mentioned before how much I love Instagram...and I still do! The only problem (well, one of the problems) is that all of my pictures are trapped digitally. I rarely print pictures and I definitely don't scrapbook like I used to in high school.

I couldn't help but feel a little guilty when I looked at Conor's empty baby book, 12 weeks after he was born. I realized that I needed to come up with a better way to keep track of his milestones and memorable moments because the traditional route wasn't working for me.

In an attempt to "free" my photos, I have been using Chatbooks. It is super easy to download the app, connect your Instagram account, and hit "order." You could also spend a little bit more time and edit the captions or even add in additional photos from your phone. Bonus: the books are affordable.

One morning when I was feeding Conor before leaving for work, I noticed how he was clenching his fists together as he ate. It was one of those, "I never want to forget this moment" moments. My heart was so full! I snapped a picture and shared it on my Instagram later that day. That's when it clicked! I would set up an Instagram account specifically for Conor's little moments. I try not to post too many pictures on my personal account because I know most of my followers don't care to see hundreds of baby pictures, but if I made a new account, I could post as many pictures as my heart desired and I could have them all printed through Chatbooks. Voila! A baby book that works for me.

What moments would you capture?


XO, Bev

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