Mar 4, 2016

Latte Date

During my pregnancy I decided to give up coffee. I know that a cup or two a day is considered safe, but I wanted to see if I could survive without it. Surprisingly (and luckily) it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I think I missed the social aspect of "getting coffee" more than I missed actual coffee. Since I am breastfeeding now I am still limiting my caffeine, but I couldn't pass up an afternoon date at The Bachelor Farmer Cafe. Lattes are such an indulgence now!

To top off my indulgent afternoon, we stopped at Milkjam Creamery for Champagne Floats! Much like coffee, one is okay.

I want to point out that the scarf I am wearing in the picture above is actually a nursing cover. I posted previously about a nursing scarf that I loved, but in total didn't really work for us. Conor has a tongue tie that makes it harder for him to latch. I wasn't comfortable nursing in public because the scarf just left too much exposed while I used my hands to help guide him (especially if I wasn't wearing a button up shirt or a nursing shirt that clipped down). What makes this cover different is that there is a narrow end on the top that keeps you completely covered from the neck down. It stretches well over my arms, Conor, and even my midriff if I am wearing a tee that I need to lift up. I also love that this cover can stretch over a car seat to provide protection from the sun, or even over a shopping cart seat.

Okay, so my post about coffee turned into a post about a nursing cover. I can't say that I'm sorry though. I love sharing when I find great things!

Where is your favorite place to go for a latte?

Bev // Top: Old Navy {similar} | Tee: Alternative | Scarf: Covered Goods | Hat: Love Your Melon

Conor // Hat: Baby Gap | Sleeper: Circo

XO, Bev

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