Feb 4, 2016

First Month Favorites


If you are going to pump and bottle feed at any point (and have a Medela pump) then these bottles are all you need. In the beginning I was using different bottles for pumping and feeding, but believe me when I say that you will generate plenty of dirty dishes without doubling your bottles! Using a bottle that doesn't attach directly to your pump is a bad idea. Tip: I heard that Dr. Brown's bottles also attach to the Medela pump.

Zippered Sleepers

I'll admit that I am a little lazy when it comes to dressing Conor. With the amount of diapers that he goes through, putting on cute outfits that involve pants, snaps, or anything with multiple pieces is completely out of the question. Stick with zippers! Bonus points for these Circo sleepers from Target that are under $10 for 2. They are also the only sleepers that I have found that unzip from the foot up so you don't even have to unzip the whole thing in order to change out the diaper!


I started using this seat at 6 weeks. In my opinion, it is better than the Bumbo because it has more back support. Conor can actually sit in it even though he doesn't have full control of his head yet.

Diaper Pail

My husband thought I was nuts when I bought an $80 diaper pail. He has since admitted that it is probably one of our best baby purchases. I especially like the Ubbi because you don't have to buy special bags for it (you can use any trash bag) and it absolutely traps all smells inside.


I wasn't originally planning to use a pacifier but caved after a few really long nights. Conor especially likes the orthodontic pacifiers from Nuk. I wouldn't stock up on any one brand right away though because you never know what kind baby will like (and every baby is different).

Rock N Play

The Rock N Play was recommended to me by several mamas. It is the perfect size to fit next to our bed and Conor has been sleeping in it every night since we brought him home. I'm glad we bought the one with the auto rock function (even though we don't actually turn it on very often) and the slight incline is great for newborn reflux.

Play Mat

Having a play mat has been perfect for tummy time. I like that this one came with a little half moon pillow to help prop Conor up when he is on his tummy. Honestly though, any mat or blanket will do.

Ergobaby 360

I LOVE this carrier. I also bought a Solly Wrap but haven't quite mastered the tie yet. The Ergobaby, on the other hand, is super easy to put on. Plus, I really like that I will be able to wear him on my back when he gets a lot bigger. Even Keith likes wearing the Ergobaby!


Bring your Boppy to the hospital! We brought like 5 bags with us to the hospital but didn't bring the Boppy. I would have traded every bag I brought to have had this there instead because it really does make breastfeeding that much easier. It helps prop baby into position so you can focus on other things (like getting baby to latch). We also have the Boppy Lounger which has been our favorite place to set baby down during the day when we need to give our arms a break.

Ocean Soother

We started using this around 5 weeks when Conor was hitting his fussy stage. The ocean sounds really helped soothe him during nap time. Now I have been using it during tummy time to help distract him from the task at hand.

If I have learned anything from my first few weeks of motherhood it is that you really can't know what you or your baby will like until you start trying things. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! 2-Day delivery has been FAN•TAS•TIC.

What are some of your must haves?

XO, Bev

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