Jan 23, 2016

One Month

Conor hit the one month mark on Thursday!

It took me about 3 weeks to be comfortable leaving the house on my own with Conor but now we are pros! He loves the car and loves riding in the stroller so the mall has become one of our favorite destinations. I just can't stop for too long or he starts to fuss.

We have also been meeting up with other new mamas in the area. It is going to be so much fun watching our babies grow up together!

  • Conor is a great sleeper. At night, he does 4-5 hour stretches and has been since our first few days together. 
  • Sometimes he takes a pacifier, but not always. 
  • He likes to be held during the day (even when he is sleeping) so I have had to get creative in order to get stuff done. 
  • He loves being swaddled for his naps during the day but sleeps great without a swaddle at night.
I am loving our time together and wouldn't trade it for anything.

XO, Bev

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