Mar 14, 2015


It actually hit 66°F this week. This is a HUGE deal for Minnesotans in March and you can bet that it is all we have been talking about. I'm not quite busting out my spring pastels yet (or more likely, ever) but I did switch to iced coffee. So there's that.

While I won't miss my heavy winter coat, I am going to miss my pom hats. How am I supposed to hide a bad hair day?

Jeans: J.Crew Factory {similar} | Shoes: Target | Top: Old Navy | Tank: H&M {similar} | Jacket: Target {similar} | Bag: Etsy | Sunglasses: Target {similar} | Necklace: {similar}

XO, Bev

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  1. Such a casual and CHIC look! <3

    Love always,