Dec 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions

Last year I posted my 2014 Resolutions. I think it is kind of fun to be able to reflect back a year later, so I thought I would post new resolutions for 2015.

In no particular order:

►Make Coffee at Home◄
I don't even want to try to guess how much money I spent at coffee shops in 2014. Our new Keurig makes it super easy to brew a travel mug on our way out the no more excuses!

►Invest in Clothing◄
No, I don't mean shop more. I shop plenty, believe me. In 2015 though, I am hoping to invest in more long term pieces and choose quality over quantity.

►Read More◄
This was a resolution that I had last year and I will probably have it next year, too. The more I read, the more I crave it. Plus my husband and I recently subscribed to The New Yorker so we will have new reading material arriving weekly.

►Take a Yoga Class◄
I used to really love yoga but I haven't taken a single class in over a year. I recently joined the community center near our house and they offer yoga a few times a week. I'm looking forward to taking another class and getting back into practice.

►Spend Christmas on the Beach◄
Keith and I have been loosely planning a trip along the Pacific Coast Highway for the past few months. There is so much we want to see! Originally, I was hoping to go from Seattle to Los Angeles, but it seems like a more realistic trip will be Seattle to San Francisco (with many stops along the way). We are also planning a trip to Boston in June of 2015 for my mom's 60th birthday, so December 2015 is going to be the perfect time for our PCH adventure!

►Wear More Red Lipstick◄
Be bold! Wear the lipstick.

►Be Present◄
I am guilty of having my phone on the dinner table and/or in my hand...constantly. Being present shouldn't have to be intentional, but I think I need to make it a priority in 2015. I love the photos that I take when we are out and about, but I realize that not every moment needs to be captured electronically or shared instantly.

What are some of your resolutions for 2015?

XO, Bev

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