Nov 30, 2014

Holidazzle Flop

If you are from the Twin Cities, chances are you are familiar with the Holidazzle. For many years the Holidazzle was a parade that marched through downtown Minneapolis during the holiday season. 2014 is the first year that the parade does not exist. Instead, the Holidazzle has been transformed into the Holidazzle Village and Winter Market.

Here are 3 things that I wish I had known before I went downtown for the events:

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1.) The Holidazzle Village and Winter Market are 2 different things.

In publications on the event, the Holidazzle Village is touted as a free event this winter BUT the Holidazzle Village is not the same thing as the Winter Market. After attending the village last night, I can say that the village is not the place where you want to be. 

2.) The Winter Market is not free.

While admission is only $3 for children and $6 for adults, there is only one entrance gate. As you can imagine, the line was about 300 people deep. And once you are in? You get to stand in more lines to have the opportunity to purchase more things.


3.) The Holidazzle Village may disappoint you.

I am still confused as to what the Holidazzle Village is supposed to be. We saw two out of commission floats along Nicollet Mall (one with Christmas Carolers stationed on it and one where you were being encouraged to take a #selfiedazzle), a small workshop where you could color a picture to send to Santa, and one mini-donut hut. That's it. That is the Holidazzle Village in totality.

We did not go into the Winter Market. I can only imagine that the Winter Market was a more enjoyable experience with spiced wine, candied nuts, locally made goods, delicious pastries, real reindeer, and live music...but I think I am giving it too much credit.

I recognize that this is the first year and there are going to be kinks that need to be worked out, but I just can't hide my disappointment. Saint Paul also had a Holiday Market this weekend. While the Minneapolis market runs daily through Christmas Eve, today is the last day of the Saint Paul Market. Originally I had planned on attending, but after last night I just don't think I have the energy to find out if it is any better than the Minneapolis version.

Did you visit the village and/or market? What did you think?

XO, Bev

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