Sep 14, 2014


Lately it seems that I need to be reminded of the reasons why I love Minneapolis (and Minnesota, in general). I have friends who have recently moved to the West Coast (cue Napa Valley and Sonoma trip planning) and ever since our trip to New York City, I have been dreaming of a life on the East Coast. Not to mention the fact that my mother-in-law is heading off on a European cruise this week. I'm suffering from serious wanderlust over here!

This brings me to one of my favorite places in Minneapolis...The Stone Arch Bridge. It offers a fairly iconic Minneapolis scene and has a way of reminding me that my city is pretty great too. With having to replace 2 cars in the next few months, travel is kind of out of the question. So I guess I am going to have to soak up this view for as much as it is worth to help ease my lusting heart.

Have you ever suffered from wanderlust? What is your cure?

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XO, Bev

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