Aug 15, 2014

Friday Five

Every season I make some great purchases...and some not so great purchases. It is easy to get swept up in trends of the moment, investing in pieces you only wear a handful of times that wind up in the back of your closet until you donate them 3 years later...

I digress.

Here are five purchases that I made this summer that will easily transition into fall.

Panama Hat {J.Crew}

Up until this year, the only hats that I owned were winter hats with giant poms. While I still love a good pom hat, this Panama Hat has quickly won my heart. Visiting the farmers market on Saturday mornings has become a great habit of mine and Keith's. I throw this hat on over my day-old hair and don't need to worry about getting up early to "get ready." I can't wait to pair it with plaid prints and cable-knit sweaters this fall.

Denim Jacket {Gap}

This spring I purchased my first denim jacket. I can't believe I lived without one of these for 26 years! Shortly after my first purchase, I purchased this lighter denim version. I basically can't leave the house without it now. It is by far the most versatile piece in my closet and it looks great with everything. Literally. EV-ER-REE-THING.

Satchel {The Little Market}

The size of this satchel is perfect for carrying my essentials. The brown leather strap will pair perfectly with my favorite fall boots. Even better, it was sourced ethically from artisans in India. I love making purchases that have the power to change the world.

Faux Snakeskin Loafers {Gap}

These loafers are the newest addition to my shoe collection. While I was waiting for a version in black, I couldn't resist the friends & family sale at Gap. I tried these on immediately when they arrived on my doorstep. I can't believe that I ever contemplated buying them.

Adore-a-ball Nailcolor {Essie}

After sporting Geranium on my nails all summer, I felt that I needed a change. This subtly tinted pink polish is just right for the transition into fall.

What purchases did you make this summer that you are hoping will last into fall?

[This rug is pretty great, too. It was my 'summer' purchase for the house. {Target}]

XO, Bev

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