Jul 6, 2014

Weekend In Review

I had one of the best weekends ever this past weekend. Every year for the 4th of July (for the past 5 years) Keith and I have joined our friends and family for a camping trip at Amnicon Falls in Wisconsin. Last year we had the brilliant idea to create "themes" for our weekend. 2013 was Slamnicon (a.k.a. finish your beverage, drop the can on the ground, stomp it with your foot, and yell "Slamnicon"). This year the theme involved quite a bit more planning. Hamnicon 2014 centered around a pig theme. The main event being a pig roast on the beach on the 4th of July. We really didn't know what to expect...but it turned out perfectly! I hope that you enjoy my photo diary below:

This may be my favorite beach. Maybe not in the entire world...but it definitely helps that this one is relatively close to home. It is unlike any other beach that I have seen in the Midwest.

I was in charge of photographing the event. Can you believe that I showed up without my memory card (or my backup card)?! After a trip into town to purchase a new one, I had missed most of the preparatory events. Oh well, I guess. Here is the pig cooker in action!

Dig a hole >> fill it with charcoal >> light the charcoal and wait for it to turn white >> load the pig >> cover!

This is what the pig looked like when we uncovered it (10 hours after putting it into the hole). It was rubbed with seasoning, wrapped in aluminum foil, covered with water-soaked burlap, tied up tight, and placed inside of a metal cage that the boys created to keep it off of the coals.

This is Casey checking the temperature of the pig. We needed to hit 160°F. When he pulled the thermometer out reading 170°F, there was an uproar of cheering. After covering the pig for 10 hours we really didn't know what to expect when we pulled it out. 170°F signaled success!

It was a great day at the beach but exhausting for everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend as much as we did!

What did you do to celebrate the holiday?

XO, Bev

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