Jul 15, 2014

Summer Scarf

While at brunch with my dad, he made a comment about a girl wearing what he called a "Summer Scarf." As I was envying her look my dad continued, "I hate summer scarves. You don't need to wear a scarf in the summer. There is no reason for it!" I went on to challenge his opinion stating that the airy fabric makes it the perfect accessory for even the warmest of summer days, but Parents Just Don't Understand. Am I right, Fresh Prince?

I guess I felt that I needed to rebel. So thank you, dad, for inspiring my look today. Short and sweet because it isn't easy to get your dog to sit and pose when there is so much stuff to sniff.

Do you agree with my dad? Or do you love summer scarfs as much as I do?

Summer Scarf: Gap {similar}{love} | Pants: Old Navy | Tee: Old Navy | Jacket: Gap | Sneakers: Converse | Cross Body Bag: Old Navy

XO, Bev

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