Jun 13, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are a few highlights from my week:

These garden buds.

I guess it is an old wives tale that ants are needed to open peony buds. Apparently the ants are attracted to the sweet nectar of a bud about to bloom but aren't actually needed to open them.

We moved into our house in September last year and I really didn't know what the large bushes in the back were. I was pleasantly surprised when pink and white peony buds started to show. I guess peonies bloom much later in Minnesota than in other parts of the country. I saw them in full bloom all over Instagram weeks ago but mine just opened this week.

This lunch at the NE Minneapolis Farmers Market.

Keith's good friends from high school are working towards opening a restaurant next year. This year they have a stand at the NE Minneapolis Farmers Market where they have been trying out different recipes every week. You can find Keith and I eating here just about every Saturday. Last weekends lunch was fantastic! We had fresh cabbage and pork stuffed fried dumplings, lettuce wraps, and coconut juice. If you live in the area I recommend you stop by for a taste. Look for other great events hosted by Dumpling Minneapolis, too!

These boots.

Aren't these boots amazing? Made with handwoven, Guatemalan textiles, these boots are perfect for fall. My birthday is in September so the timing couldn't be more perfect {hint, hint, Keith}. I'm totally loving the sandals in the bottom-right picture, too.

This take-out sushi.

Sometimes you just don't want to sit in a after you have been enjoying the sun outside all day and prefer to curl up on the couch (in the air-conditioning) with a plate of fresh sushi. We are lucky enough to live less than a mile from an affordable sushi spot that does take-out.

This darling sister duo.

Do you have any favorite YouTube videos you'd like to share?

Have a great weekend!

XO, Bev

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