May 23, 2014

Friday Five

This vintage shop.

[Photo Credit]

I drive by this store every day on my way to and from work and I finally decided to stop and shop. I am so glad that I did!
[note: most weeks they are only open Friday-Sunday]

This book.

Two books in a row? Whoa, I'm on fire! While browsing Pinterest I came across this book and it caught my attention for one reason: Cinque Terre on the cover. If you are planning a trip to Italy, then you need to add this 5-village destination on the Italian Riviera to your itinerary {hint: stay here}. Keith and I got engaged in Vernazza so I feel like we will always have an excuse to go back. Keep in mind that this book is a novel so it isn't by any means a travel guide and really doesn't have much to do with Cinque Terre at all, but it was still a great read. Boasting the "#1 New York Times Bestseller" and a nod from NPR's Fresh Air, I had faith that it wouldn't let me down.
This motto.

I wish I knew where this came from. Again, I was browsing Pinterest and unfortunately there was no link. I love it.

These shoes.

Yes. Chambray on my feet.

This puppy.

If you don't already know, this is Morgan. Lately our evenings have consisted of 2-3 mile walks and hours in the backyard playing fetch.  It's good for both of us.

I had a great week but I am definitely looking forward to a long holiday weekend with Keith and Mo. Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Thank you for reading!

Do you have any Memorial Day weekend plans?

XO, Bev 

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