Apr 14, 2014

iPhone Trick

On Saturday, my husband's iPhone randomly crashed. He was talking on it one minute and the next minute the screen was black and it would not turn back on. He didn't drop it, it hadn't gotten wet, it just died. Considering it was an iPhone 4, I figured it was time to replace it anyway.

In a last ditch effort, my husband started pushing all of the buttons at the same time and suddenly his phone turned on!

When I got to work today, a coworker was complaining about her iPhone 5c. She said that it randomly crashed and wouldn't turn back on. Because it sounded so similar to what happened to Keith, I tried his trick with her phone.

...and it worked.

I figured I would share since so many of us have iPhones now and this trick seemed to work for us twice (on two different iPhone models).
It is as simple as holding down the power button on the top, the home button on the bottom, and both of the volume buttons on the side for 10 seconds. When you release, hopefully you will see the Apple icon as your phone powers on.

I have no idea why this worked and it may not work for everyone...but it is worth trying!

Do you have any great iPhone tricks?

XO, Bev 

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