Mar 5, 2014

Travel Necessities

My husband and I love to travel. At a minimum, we try to go one place new every year. This year we have already gone to Las Vegas and are beginning to plan our trip to New York City this fall. There are a few major mistakes that I made on our trip to Las Vegas so I thought this was a good time to reflect and share some of my travel tips. At the very have something to refer to when packing for New York so I don't make the same mistakes twice.

Always wear tennis shoes for the flight. I don't know why I refuse to follow this time after time. My feet swell when I majorly swell. I wore cute flats to Vegas and my feet had swollen so much on the flight they were practically pulsating in my shoes. I was in pain before we even walked. I should also mention that I had to walk through security with bare feet.Yuck.

Expectations aren't high at the airport so there really isn't any reason to dress up. The days of traveling in a suit are over (unless you are traveling for business, of course). I have found that if I wear jeans on the flight, they get really stretched out and I don't want to wear them during the rest of my trip. Yoga pants are a safe call.

Airplanes can get cold so having a large scarf to cover up with is especially nice. Scarves are lightweight and can double as an accessory so having one with in your carry-on is a no brainer. My husband usually ends up balling it up into a pillow and sleeping on that works too.

I like to wear flip flops when I travel in the summer. They are easy to take off on the plane and give my feet plenty of room to breathe (and swell). However, you have the issue of having to walk through security barefoot and since I don't particularly enjoy that...I am just going to stick with tennis shoes from here on out.

No Belt, Minimal Jewelry, No Extra Accessories

It is nice to have a speedy experience when going through security. I hate having to fidget with a belt and bulky accessories. By keeping everything to a minimum, you can really speed up the entire process (for everyone). 


While you can't bring a full water bottle with you through security, I try to buy a bottle once I am through. Definitely avoid alcohol in the airport and on the plane. Not only will it contribute to your feet swelling, but it can also dehydrate you significantly and leave you feeling tired when you arrive at your destination. I have the most success when I stick to water in the airport and on the plane. Even pop and juices can have a dehydrating effect. The same goes for those sodium packed snacks that they hand out during the flight. Avoid them.

Snack Bars

It is good to have something packed in your bag to munch on during the flight. Since it is better to avoid the high sodium snacks that the flight attendants pass out, I try to stash a couple of fiber/protein/fruit bars in my carry-on. I always bring a few extra bars since they are good to have on hand for sightseeing and mornings when a proper breakfast isn't feasible.

Lips, hands, and even under the eyes are all areas that I tend to need to use extra moisturizer on when I travel. I like to pack an eye cream, hand cream, and Aquaphor to use on my lips. Remember that these need to be under 3 oz and kept in a quart size Ziploc bag if they are coming with you in your carry-on. This M.A.C. Fast Response Eye Cream is by far the best that I have found for quick relief from a long day of travel. Plus it is travel size and you only need to use a tiny amount.

This one you could probably do without...but I really love using a highlighter under my eyes and even on my cheekbones after a flight. It helps to keep me feeling fresh and put together (even though I am wearing yoga pants and have been traveling for most of the day). Whether you like to use a neutral highligher or go for more of a blush tone, you can't go wrong with this easy to apply stick from NARS.

iPad & Headphones

I love downloading a few episodes of my favorite show onto my iPad before I travel. You can usually buy these for around $2 each via iTunes and then you don't need to worry about being able to connect to WiFi to watch them. It is a great time distraction when you are in the air and also a great way to catch up on a show that you may not otherwise have time to watch.

I'm kind of a nerd and usually buy at least one travel book about the place we are visiting. While I don't like to plan out an entire trip itinerary, I like to have some ideas of things to do and see while we are there. I hate coming back from a vacation and realizing that we missed something super awesome mere steps from our hotel. I may not get a chance to look at the travel book too much before our trip, but I like paging through it on the plane.

To go along with the travel book, I use my notebook to jot down ideas of places to see and things to do. I'm also a bit of a daydreamer so I like to be able to write things down as I am thinking about them. A long flight is a great time to write 'Thank You' notes to family and friends that are helping us while we are gone (from shoveling our sidewalk to watching our dog, there are always people at home making it easier for us to travel). In Italy, my husband and I planned our wedding guest list while traveling across the country by train.


We almost always pick up a newspaper at the airport. If nothing else, it is good for the Crossword and Sudoku puzzle.


Possibly the most classic travel necessity, gum is a must to help keep your ears from popping.

There is almost nothing worse than having a dead phone battery. I like to make sure I have a charger easily accessible to me at all times. If your plane lands at your destination before your hotel is ready to check you into your room, it is nice to have your charger handy so you can sit in a coffee shop and charge up all of your devices. 

What are your travel musts?

XO, Bev

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