Mar 26, 2014

Red Lips and Leather

Have you decided that red lipstick just isn't for you? This was me until about 2 months ago. Truth is, red lipstick works on absolutely just have to find your perfect shade. One of my roommates in college flaunted beautiful red lips daily (even to class) and I was so envious of her! I can't tell you how many shades of red I have bought over the last 5 or 6 years desperately trying to pull it off as well as she did. I found that most either washed me out or made my teeth look horribly yellow. Have you ever had this problem?

Finally, with the help of the ladies at Elizabeth Arden, I have found my perfect red and I am completely obsessed. Most (if not all) Macy's locations carry Elizabeth Arden and there are some serious options for you to find your red. My perfect shade is 'Red To Wear.' You will pay a bit more for a department store brand but if you add up all of the trial and error tubes you have purchased at a drugstore, I think you will definitely agree that the splurge is worth it in this case. Every lipstick wears differently so you really have to try them on before you can commit to a shade.

I was feeling rather edgy with my new red lips so I hiked up the glam with heels, leather, and a quilted bag with gold accents for a night out with my friends. It is kind of amazing how much a swipe of lipstick adds to a look...and knowing that I had a great shade added to my confidence. Heels also have a tendency to make me feel more confident. I might wear them more often if I wasn't already 5'9" and only 1" shorter than my husband.

Has anyone else noticed that stores and designers are marketing faux-leather as "vegan" leather? I feel like this is an extremely genius branding scheme.

What things do you wear that make you feel more confident?

Jeans: Express {similar} | Jacket: Target | Blouse: Express | Quilted Bag: Forever 21 {similar} | Necklace: Stella & Dot | Booties: Gift {similar} | Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden c/o | Lipgloss: Mary Kay

XO, Bev

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