Jan 2, 2014

The Perfect Pairing

Denim is my favorite splurge. I can spend weeks hunting for a great deal on the perfect jacket and then blow my entire budget at the first sight of a beautiful pair of denim jeans. I think every girl has their fashion weakness and jeans are mine. I have to admit that I don't always pair my denim with the best shoes. Here are some fool proof pairings to help keep your look flawless:


Skinny jeans can be extremely versatile. They look great with both heels and flats and slip perfectly into my favorite boots. They may not always be the most comfortable but the perfect pair can flatter a girl in all the right places. I prefer high-rise styles for "muffin-top" protection.
(Express and Topshop)
with Knee High Boots 
Pointy Toe Flats
 (Kohls and Piperlime)
Ankle Boots


Straight leg jeans are my go-to style. They are a tiny bit looser than skinny jeans and that tiny bit goes a long way in regards to comfort. The straight leg looks great when paired with just about any shoe. My favorite  pairing is pointy heels or ballet flats.

with Pointy Heels
Ballet Flats
(DSW and Piperlime)


Ironically, I really hate wearing boots with bootcut jeans. Skinny jeans are easier to tuck into booties and knee high boots and I'm not particularly fond of pulling my jeans over boots. Heels are my absolute favorite shoe to pair with bootcut denim but the perfect pair of loafers can look really chic as well. Even a cute pair of tennies can look great with this cut.
(J.Crew and 7 For All Mankind

with Pointy Toe Heels
(here or here)


I'm pretty upset that my boyfriend jeans are packed away for the winter. I practically live in them when spring rolls around. The loose fit is a welcome relief from skinny jeans which are extremely fashionable but can sometimes squeeze a girl the wrong way (if you know what I am saying).
(Express and Topshop)

with Ankle Booties 
Round Toe Heels


I can't give up my flare jeans. I used to live in 7 For All Mankind Dojo Trousers but now I opt for a more tailored flare. I love dark wash styles with platform pumps. This pairing definitely takes denim up a notch and is my go to for a late night on the town.

with Platform Pumps
Stiletto Heels
(Jessica Simpson and Express)

What is your favorite denim pairing?

XO, Bev

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